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Outdoor Gadgets
Outdoor Gadgets is a retailer of cool and miscellaneous outdoor gadgets based in Australia.

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LED Torches Australia is a distributor of high quality LED torches and related LED accessories.

  **** All our product are delivered FREE throughout Australia ****  

Welcome to LED Torches, the home of high quality LED torches for any purpose. We pride ourselves on offering the best selection of LED torches on the market today in terms of quality, service and price, and all of our customers can take advantage of our FREE delivery across Australia for all the products in our online store. Whatever your needs, we have the LED torch to suit them. Whether you’re looking for rechargeable LED torches for long trips out, or head torches for night cycling, or are looking for a specific brand, you’re sure to find exactly what you need from LED torches Australia.

Why you might need an LED torch

We offer a fantastic range of quality brands for domestic use and for the security industry, and we handpick our stock to offer you the perfect LED torches to suit your needs. We also stock LED torch accessories so that you can be sure you never get stuck in the dark.When it comes to portable lighting sources, there are many different applications. LED torches can be used in sports, hunting, for security and many other activities in the dark, and this is why we choose the best LED torches for every single job, allowing you to make the most of the darkness with a torch that will fit the job completely.

Quality LED torches for any application

When you’re out in the dark, the last thing you want is for your source of light to fail you. Getting quality light sources for you is what we do, which is why we only offer quality brands for you to choose from, such as JetBeam, LED Lenser, Zebralight, Pila, Photon, CREE, Fenixlight, Thrunight and more.  There are many different reasons why we choose to work with these brands, and we think you’ll find that our reasons are valid. LED lenser, for example, provide a great range of rechargeable LED torches for any application, and their advanced technology and superior build, offering energy efficient lighting due to their reflector based design, and innovative transition from wide beam to focused beam.   Jetbeam, to mention another of our manufacturers, offer sturdy, bright and technologically sound torches that offer lights with up to 1000 lumen beams. These are both great brands for those needing to work, hunt, walk their dog or take part in sports outside.

led torches for the security industry

When it comes to the security industry, there has been huge innovation in LED torches, with one of the most notable being CREE torches. These torches are used predominantly in the security industry due to their incredibly long life span (you can get up to 100,000 hours of light). They can also be used by those who need a constant source of lightfor long periods of time.

Head torches for those who love to be out in the dark

If you’re looking for head torches, there are definitely many different choices for you here at LED Torches. You could choose from the LED Lenser range, reliable and energy efficient, or you could opt for SpoarkFenix or Sunree head torches for night cycling or other activities such as caving, hiking and climbing.


In short, you won’t be left in the dark with our great range of products and to top it all off, you’ll be getting free delivery across Australia, so there’s never been a better time to buy. Whatever your needs, light up your life with LED torches, and you’ll be sure to have a bright future ahead of you. 


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